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Due to its ease and convenience, wireless printing has become increasingly popular across the world. A wireless printer lets you print documents from multiple computers at your home or office without requiring for wires. The following tutorial will help learn how to install the Canon wireless printer. In the case of any concerns or difficulties, you can directly reach the Canon printer customer care via the phone and solve out all matters within a short span of time.

Learn How to Install your Canon Wireless Printer

The process of installing a wireless printer is somewhat different than the ordinary printer installation procedure. You will no longer find it difficult by following the below-listed steps.

  1. Unpack your printer by removing the orange color tape and all the protective materials. Next, open the Output Tray and raise the printer cover.
  2. Get rid of the protecting materials and orange color tape from Ink Cartridge Holder and then close your printer cover.
  3. Attach the power cord to the electrical interface on the printer left side and connect its other end to the wall electricity outlet. Press ‘ON’ to turn on your Canon printer.
  4. Go to the Operation panel to pick the language and then press ‘OK.’ Next, press Power button to turn your printer off.
  5. Open the printer cover. Add an Ink Cartridge Holder inside the Holder section. Close your printer cover and start your printer. Wait a while to adjust the ink cartridge.
  6. Press the ‘Setup’ button and go to the Operational Panel and choose the ‘Wireless LAN setup’ option. Press the ‘OK’ button and select the ‘Easy Setup’ option, followed by the ‘Access Point.’
  7. Next, Input the WEP-key via the Operation Panel window and press the ‘OK.’ Insert the software installation disc into the PC’s CD drive.
  8. Click to run the ‘Msetup4.exe’ file in the AutoPlay window. If it’s not appeared, open the CD drive folder and right-click the Msetup4.exe file and then select the ‘Open.’
  9. Choose the location where you desire to save in the pop-up menu. Click the ‘Next’ button, followed by the ‘Easy Install’ option.
  10. Now, click the ‘Install’ button and then choose the ‘Use the printer on network’ option. Click ‘Next’ and wait for the process to be completed. It will take a few seconds.
  11. Click ‘Next’ once the ‘Printer Detection’ window displays. Choose your Canon printer from the list and click the ‘Next’ button.
  12. Wait until the printer ‘Setup Completion’ screen displays. Click ‘Complete.’ Next, the setup is finished, and a printer application window will show.

Now, take a test print to make sure that you have installed the Canon wireless printer correctly. However, if the above steps fail because the printer isn’t recognized automatically and you’re unable to print documents, then call on the Canon printer technical support number and get alternative methods and the best possible solution to fix the problems and install your Canon printer correctly.

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