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Canon is well-known for providing different kinds of electronic and imagining devices, and the Canon wireless printers are one of them. Over the Wi-Fi network, you can easily connect your printer to the computer and start printing the documents directly from your PC. Though, you also need to install Canon wireless printer software and drivers on your PC. Unfortunately, like other printers, you may face problems with it from time to time. If your wireless printer has stopped printing suddenly, then follow this troubleshooting guide to determine the cause of the problem.

Find Out How to Troubleshoot the Canon Wireless Printer that Won’t Print

Several causes can stop your printer to produce the documents quickly and efficiently. Before you dial the Canon printer helpline number to seek the expert assistance, just check these steps to get permanent fixes for the issues if your Canon printer is not printing appropriately.

Step 1 – Check the Internet connection you’re using to print the documents. If your computer isn’t connected to the Wi-Fi or it’s intermittent, you should perform a restart of your router and the equipment to get the proper network connectivity. Recycling the devices is also an easy way to fix the internet connection issues. If nothing else works, consult the ISP to know if there is the service outage issue. You can also replace the networking device if it fails to perform.

Step 2 – Your printer may not print the documents if there is no paper sheet inside the machine. To fix this problem, you have to open the pull out the paper tray and fill the tray if it’s empty, and then try to print the documents again. You can look for the paper jam if the problem still exists. In most cases, the jammed papers inside your printer can stop it from printing the documents.

Step 3 – Make sure that you have set your Canon printer as the default one on your computer. Your printer doesn’t get the print jobs if it’s not chosen or set as the default printer. To do so, open the document you wish to print and click ‘Print’ button. Click the Printer Options menu and select your Canon wireless printer.

Step 4 – Install the drivers and software for your Canon printer. If you have not installed the drivers on your computer, your printer will not receive the print jobs. You can install these drivers either by using the software installation CD or downloading the latest version of the software from the Canon’s official website. To install the drivers using the CD, you have to insert it into the computer disk and continue with the instructions of the installation wizard.

Step 5 – If the print cartridges are out of the ink, you may no longer be able to print the documents using your Canon wireless printer. At such time, you can either replace the cartridges or refill them to get your printer back to produce the document. To know the process of replacing the cartridges, check the Canon’s user manual and follow the step-by-step guide.

Other Considerations

However, if you’re still experiencing one of the printer problems as listed above or any other printer-related technical errors, it’s highly suggested to consult the team of IT professionals by calling on the Canon printer technical support phone number. They will provide a series of routine troubleshooting tips that help you find the exact cause of the issues and fix the problems once you notice. You can also get the guidance to replace the defective printer’s components, such as print rollers.

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