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Now, the time has arrived when tech experts suggest users to opt for shared printers for both small and large-scale organizations. The most significant aspects of sharing the network (LAN or MAN) is that with the help of a single networking source, one can access the internet on multiple devices. Yes, we understand that it is quite difficult for us to establish a shared connection with the computers, but it perfectly works with other peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, fax machines and so on. While connecting the shared printers to a specific network, it is necessary for the user to segregate the printers by their working abilities. Since each printer has its printing ability, segregating according to the specification would help the user to perform multiple tasks on the shared printers hassle-freely.

If multiple printers with similar printing speed and other specification have been connected to a single network, one can use any of these printers to print documents without any hassles. It reduces the wastage of time and increases our work efficiency to a large extent. In fact, it is comparatively cost effective as well.

But, a lot of times, the client complains that their shared printers are facing connectivity issues, and so, they are not able to function properly, In such a case, it is best to dial  Canon printer tech support phone Number if you are using Canon printers or other customer service numbers respectively. However, in this blog, we are going to offer you some of the best solutions for troubleshooting the problems. So, you can take a quick look at them:

Location of the printer

In most cases, the printers fail to get connected to a network because they are new to that particular network. So, for that, you are supposed to follow a few significant steps. At first, you need to go under the section of “Printers and Drivers,” followed by clicking on the option of “Add Printer.” Once it is done, you are then required to choose the printer that you want to connect and follow the on-screen instruction. If your printer gets connected to a network, there are chances that your issue will be resolved.

Server of the printer

All the printers are connected to a server, and in most cases, it is the computer. And, if by any chance, the computer server is not connected to the network, the printer will also not able to get connected to it. So, in this case, you have built the connection of the server to the network. And then, you can continue to print without getting worried about it.

Firewall settings

In the end, all you need to check is the Firewall Settings. There are chances that the firewall is responsible for preventing the device from getting connected to the printer. So, check its settings and try to troubleshoot it.

If by chance, you want help from the experts to resolve any of the problems that are related to the printers, you should dial their customer service number. For instance, if you are using Canon Printer, you will have to dial Canon printer customer support phone number.

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