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A number of possible reasons can stop your Dell printer to work when you send a print message from your computer, but nothing happens. In addition to the data transmission and power supplies, you may face the problem due to the printer’s output tray, drivers and the faulty printer itself. At such time, you can call on the Dell printer tech support number and ask the technician to resolve your printer problems and get it back to work. You can also try the following systematic approach to find out the cause of the issues that are making your printer unresponsive.

Fix 1 – Out of ink/toner or paper Supplies

Some of the Dell printers run in offline mode when they run out of the essential consumables, such as ink/toner or paper. Sometimes, your printer stops printing the documents once they find the third-party or refilled ink cartridges. In such circumstances, if you force your printer to endure printing when the ink or toner runs low, it may cause the damage of printheads and other components. So, be careful to continue the process if your printer lets you bypass the low-ink or toner errors. Replacing the ink or toner cartridge can allow you to bring your Dell printer back to work. However, you may sometimes require pressing the front-panel controls being the printer back into online mode.

Fix 2 – Paper Jam

You may face the paper jam issue if you have placed the papers incorrectly in your Dell printer. After removing all parts and traces of the paper sheets, you will be able to resume the printing process. If your printer is continuously jamming, check the paper supply for further damage and cheap quality of pages that can annoy during the process. Some of the ongoing jamming issues can also be caused by the dirty internal rollers, fragments of torn pages from a previous sheet, and other hardware issues.

Fix 3 – Connection problems

A broken or loose cable keeps disconnecting your printer from the computer. Even a subtle break or flaw in the process of the application or the operating system to the printouts can cause the crash, freezing, interrupted printer inaccessibility and other hidden errors.  At such time, replacing the cable with a new one or resetting it can help you fix the connection problems as the cause of your printer issues. However, if your Dell printer is printing slowly, you can check the following information on how to improve the speed of Dell printer.

Fix 4 – Driver Issues

Damaged or corrupted drivers can sometimes lead your Dell printer into malfunctions. You may also face incompatibility issues that can interfere with the ability of your computer to recognize the printer if you’re running a version of the drivers that are updated or downgraded ahead of the operating system. Running the Windows troubleshooter or visiting Dell’s website, you can check the driver compatibility. If your computer stops recognizing your printer after a small disrupt, you can run the diagnostics to fix the corrupted driver files that are sourcing the issues.

Fix 5 – Check Print head and Close the Cover Firmly

When you place the ink/toner cartridges or paper sheet, remove a jammed paper or otherwise check inside your printer, you may sometimes leave the cover of your printer subtly opens and not notice that your printer hasn’t resumed performing the normal print operations, and it fails to work.  So, check your printer’s covers to make sure that they are closed firmly in place. Also, make sure that your printer doesn’t have the faulty print head or other malfunctioning components that can also cause the printer issues.

dell printer tech support number

Other Solutions

If nothing else worked to resolve your printer problems and get your Dell printer back to work, then you can consult the technicians on the Dell printer customer care number to fix the issues and resume the printer functionalities.

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