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Epson is a reputed brand as it brings the best of printer models to the users so that they can enjoy a hassle-free working or printing experience. Almost all the Epson Printer is home to the in-built print-head, which lessen the trouble and helps in providing the good quality of printouts. However, if you use the device without a proper maintenance, the clogging of dust and debris inside the nozzle of the Epson Printer will cause the device to stop printing. It will create a lot of printer problems on your system, which will require quick fixing. If not, your printing machine will not work efficiently. If you want to use the printer for a longer duration, you need to maintain it properly, followed by unclogging the Nozzle time-to-time. If you don’t know the process of unclogging the nozzle, make sure that you have followed the tips that are mentioned here in this blog. So, take a look:

  • If you setup the automatic cleanup process, you need to keep in mind that it is not good to clean up the device automatically for more than three times. To be honest, if the problem is not resolve in the third time, then you can be sure of the fact that the printer is suffering from any other issue, which has nothing to do with automatic cleaning. In fact, if you continue to clean up automatically, it will increase the problem. So, instead of automatic cleaning, you should try cleaning up the printer nozzle manually.

  • You must use the cartridges that are of higher quality. Using the poor quality of ink cartridges might damage the printer, and then the device would stop functioning the way it is being used now. Also, to know which cartridges are good for you, you can take the help of the Epson printer customer support number. Also, the manual provided to you with the device will also contain all the detailed information regarding the cartridges. So, you should go through it once.

  • You must turn the printer off when you don’t require it. For instance, during the night, you can turn off the printer as when you turn it on again, it will run a mini-cleaning cycle. The mini-cleaning process will fix all the minor issue related to the device.

  • If you leave the printer for a longer duration without any work, there are chances that the printer will suffer from the nozzle clog. So, you should keep using the printer at least once a day. There are lots of instances that are reported that seldom used printer are more affected to problems rather than frequently used ones.

  • Manually cleaning up the printer is a good idea to maintain your device for a longer run. You should make it a habit that you keep cleaning the printer after every 15 days. At the time of cleaning, you need to remember that you have eliminated all the stuck bits of paper, dust and debris from the internal parts of the device.

It is not that your printer will be fixed instantly. But, if you continue to practice these above-mentioned tips, there are chances that the device would not bother you for minor issues at least. However, if you want a permanent resolution, you need to consult the professionals. And, to quickly get in touch with them, dial Epson Printer customer care number. If you call up at this number, you will be guided to connect with the team of experts who will troubleshoot your problems permanently.

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