HP Printer Error Solution

HP Printers are considered to be amongst the most reliable printing machines available in the industry. But like any piece of equipment, they are vulnerable to failures. And, HP Printers are also not different from them.


There are a few vital issues associated with the same, and to fix the problems, it is necessary for the users to contact the experts of HP customer care. Also, here we have tried to enlist the top three common problems associated with the HP printer with their resolution. So, take a look:


Paper Jam – When working with an HP printer, it is common to encounter a paper jam error. A printer can get jammed for many reasons: it’s dirty,  the wrong paper type is used, paper misalignment or the rollers in the printer are not clean.


Cleaning the printer regularly, using the correct paper type, roller replacement and avoiding over-filling of the tray are the quick fixes. If it doesn’t solve the problem, check the troubleshooting section of the printer’s user manual, and if needed contact tech support team.


The printer doesn’t print anything –  There are numerous reasons as to why a printer won’t print. It is advisable for you to check if there is an error message or the warning light on the printer or not.


It will make sure there is a paper in the tray, ensuring ink cartridges aren’t empty, the USB cable is plugged in, the printer is connected to wifi and making sure correct printer is selected in the program.


Poor quality of printouts –  Printers vary widely in text quality; Inkjet offers text suitable for home or office use, while laser printers are capable of printing crisp text for more professional looking documents. If there is a gradual or sudden change in the quality, following methods


Steps to resolve the issue:


  • Need to check if printer settings are correct.

  • It is advised to use the same paper type which is listed on the screen.

  • If the draft mode is on, switch to higher quality mode, or else it will slow down the printing speed.

  • With laser printer it is possible that the toner has settled; merely eliminate the cartridge(s) and move it several times from side to side to redistribute the toner may temporarily resolve the problem. Otherwise, replace the cartridge.

  • For Inkjets, try a nozzle cleaning and print head alignment, which can be launched from the printer’s maintenance menu. If it doesn’t work, then try replacing the cartridge.

Just in case, if you realize that the issue has not been resolved, you need to consider taking a quick help from the experts. And, you can take the assistance of the professionals by calling them up at HP customer care USA number.

The number immediately connects you with a group of professionals, and you can be assured of the fact that the issue has been permanently resolved.

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