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Printing documents is relatively easier on the Windows computer, but some of the common problems keep troubling users when using printers. Your printer depends on the Print Spooler to communicate with the system and to get the print message from the computer. And, according to the users, the Print Spooler starts encountering problems at times. If you get the spooler related error when using Epson printer, you need to fix it instantly and find the actual cause facing the problems. You can call at the Epson printer customer care number to try one of the following solutions in-depth with expert assistance.

Solution 1 – Change Spooler Settings

If the print spooler has often encountered problems, you can fix them by changing a few of the settings. Although it hardly works, you can try to solve the issue. This troubleshooting solution works on almost all versions of Windows operating system. To change the settings, go to the Control Panel window, and access the administration tools, then open services, followed by the print spooler. You can also ask the help of the technician to change the settings.

Solution 2 – Restart the Print Spooler

Sometimes, rebooting a computer helps you restore the settings and your device to work properly. In a similar way, you can stop and then start the spooler button placed in the print spooler properties section on the screen. If any function of your printer isn’t working, you can restart them to solve the problem without implementing repairing or restoration process.

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Solution 3 – Set Print Spooler to Automatic

Many times, this problem might encounter if the Prin

t Spooler isn’t set to the Automatic. To enable the auto start of spooler, you need to open the ‘Services’ tab, find the Print Spooler service and then double-click on it to open its properties tab. After that, click the ‘Startup Type,’ and then choose Automatic to ensure that the print spooler starts automatically and perform the printing job flawlessly. In case you can’t make changes, you can get the online assistance from experts to solve the problems.

Solution 4 – Change the Recovery Settings

You can fix the spooler problems by changing the recovery options that control on how the print spooler reacts on its errors. Some minor changes will help you troubleshoot the spooler related problems and even reduce the possibilities of crashes. To modify the settings, you can get the help of experts simply by making a call at the Lexmark printer support phone number.

Other Solutions

Apart from that, you can also uninstall additional drivers from your PC and even delete the files related to the printer spooler to fix the problems. If everything else troubleshooting methods failed to repair the print spooler problems on your computer, you could contact the printer technical support experts to get further assistance.

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