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As it is an electronics and electrical appliance company, Brother is well-known for providing color printers, black & white printers, scanners, typewriters, multi function printers, fax machines, etc. Brother printers are recognized as the reliable devices; however, you might face technical issues and other malfunctions with your printing device. The paper jam can be a common problem that can at times interfere with the ability of your printer to start the print job. After a paper jam, you can get your printer back in service by following a process of paper removal.

Note: – For a hassle-free solution for the paper jam issues, you can freely call the technicians via Brother Printer customer care number.

How to Remove Paper Jam from your Brother Printer?

Solution 1 – Check your Brother printer to ensure there is still no paper jammed in the feeder or the rollers. Most of the Brother printers come with a back access panel that can be taken off to make sure if any paper leftovers inside the machine. Before you try to reprint, try to eradicate the paper jam.

Solution 2 – Check the front of your Brother printer to ensure whether any caution lights are blinking. Almost all of the printers come with a set of indicators that will blink to specify the printer issues. The status signs are also helpful to fix problems.

Solution 3 – Load the paper again into the feed tray. The paper sheet might get jammed if it wasn’t feeding properly in your Brother printer. Take the paper out and fan the sheet to ensure that the pages are not spiking together or damaged.

Solution 4 – Power your Brother printer off and disconnect it to reset the memory of your printer. In most cases, your printer might have the driver issues that can cause your printer to show the paper jam errors. In such a situation, resetting the memory of your printer will help you get your Brother printer back to work.

Solution 5 – Disconnect your Brother printer again and access the front carriage section if your printer isn’t printing. Some printer models have the cartridge loaded from the front entrance door. Check the carriage for any obstacles and then press it along the track using your hand if it got stuck in a jam. After that, close your printer panel and connect your printer back to. Your printing process should be resumed.

If the paper jam problem continues, restart your system and power your printer back on. It will reset the memory of your PC in case PC’s software is causing the printer problems. If it doesn’t help to fix the paper jam issue, it’s possible that some of the components of your printer might be damaged due to the jam. At such time, you should hire a technician online to get rid of all problems. Calling the Brother Printer USA support phone number, you can get immediate technical assistance to fix your printer problems.

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